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How to install on Mac?

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How to install on Mac?

I have the Mac version of Fallout 2 from GOG and I haven't been able to figure out a way to install this mod. The Czech forum appears to have an answer but the Google Translation isn't accurate enough to help me out. Has anyone achieved installation on Mac? How'd you do it, short of installing Wine?


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Re: How to install on Mac?

Answer in Czech forum says this:

1. Get GOG Wine-ready version and install it.
1. Download Resurrection installation archive - https://bitbucket.org/resurrection/fall ... EN_1_5.zip
3. Right click on Fallout2.app > Show package contents
4. Unpack Resurrection installation archive (folders "Sound" and "Resurrection") into Fallout 2 root folder: contents\resources\drive_c\program files\gog.com\fallout 2\
5. Open in Textedit.app file Info.plist (in root folder Fallout 2.app)
6. Somewhere in that file is the line starting "<string>/Program Files/GOG.com/....", change it to "<string>/Program Files/GOG.com/Fallout 2/Resurrection/fores.exe</string>"
7. PROFIT!!!

I have no experience with Mac myself so I can't say for sure if this will work. And I'm afraid it may work without Sfall functions. As far as I know from other players, installing and using Wine is best way to make it run on Mac.

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