Imperial city guards are gone missing..

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Imperial city guards are gone missing..

Post by gustarballs1983 » Wed May 30, 2018 10:59 pm

I just arrived in Albuquerque with fryderyk caravan (the quest one) and wanted to recruit lystra before wasteing Vex, however the guards to imperial city are gone.
I can't enter the imperial city although terrak gives me pointers to elisa. (when entering dead quarter i've noticed that the guard simply walks behind the gate and is gone forever.
What did i do wrong the only mutant hunter I've spoke with was the one by albuquerque gates. but i couldn't not talk to him as conversation is forced upon you.
I just showed him the talisman and asked if i can enter the city. I've not spoken to recruting mutant hunter ( the one buying off talismans).

I use Sfall 4.0.4 with edited resurrection-vanilla ddraw.ini ( just aded missing stuff from 4.0.4 ddraw.ini), couple of custom global scripts found on NMA, and used vad's editor in order to get all perks (resurrection only perks too - including the low int ones- as i temporarily lowered my char's intelligence to pick them via pick'a'perk window).

what did i do wrong so that guards are leaving? the only thing i changed in my second playthrough were the low int perks and custom scripts from NMA.

EDIT: just found out what i did wrong this time I've set num path nodes to 20. as described further down in the topics list.

Please fix the bug num path nodes 4 is retardedly small.
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